Train 5, Cheat 2. Let’s Go Back to Basics.

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Eat well & train hard 5 days per week.

Then spend 2 days having fun.

Proven results for men & women.

2 new recipes, each week.

Home & gym workout plans!

It doesn’t have to be so hard! Eating well & training smart will bring you 95% of your results. Let’s go back to basics.

We provide a full diet planning solution. We also provide training plans for men & women, whether you have access to a gym or not!

Set your goal.

Calculate your daily calories using our ‘calorie calculator’. Then fill out your weekly meal planner with our recipes. We cater to shredding, bulking & maintenance goals.

Select recipes.

We upload 2 meal prep recipes each week. Tailor your portion sizes based on your daily calorie needs. Nutrition info is provided for each meal.

Train hard.

Select your weekly training program. In-gym Female, In-gym Male, at-home & 3-day are the different options! Progress tracking included.


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We were fed up with the fitness industry!

As a couple of fitness loving blokes in our mid 20’s, we had been finding it hard to really enjoy a night out on the town without thinking about how this might affect our results in the gym.

Everything we had ever read suggests that “cheating” your diet, drinking alcohol and getting less sleep on the weekends is going to turn your body into a chaotic mess. The funny thing was, that after 4-5 weeks of “silly season” we were both in nearly the best condition of our lives. Which got us thinking, maybe enjoying the weekend isn’t going to kill our goals after all?

We created The Clean 5

We thought, there must be a simple solution to this. There’s so much misinformation out there. So many people focusing on the 1%ers and not the basics that actually drive results. The Clean 5 is here to change that! An online meal planner solution that allows you to fully plan your diet during the week, but still have fun on the weekends!

Whether your goal is bulking, shredding or just maintaining and conditioning your current physique, The Clean 5 has made it simple.

One Pan - Sausage & Vegetable Bake

A super easy and super quick recipe for when you’re on the run!

Chicken and Bean Burritos

An easy to prepare and tasty Mexican classic!

Loaded Capsicums

 A simple, lean, colourful and delicious meal.

It's simple, eat whole foods and cook in bulk.

By meal prepping using healthy, whole foods, your path to fitness success is much more likely. Whether you are looking to gain muscle or shred fat, The Clean 5 has a meal plan & training plan solution for you.

No bells and whistles

Our program focuses on pure fundamentals. It’s not the fanciest meal prep & training plan out there. Although, we’re damn sure it’s the most effective. Everything is simple. The meals taste great, they’re cheap and super quick to prepare.

This isn’t a quick fix, this is the fundamentals that literally drive results.

We're not what you think

This isn’t a 12-week training program or a get-abs-quick website, this is a genuine, do-it-for-life educational experience that will keep you fit, lean and healthy for the rest of your time.

We're not that fancy

There are hundreds of fitness apps out there. None are as simple and genuinely achievable as The Clean 5. We don’t focus on bells and whistles, we focus on the basics and results.


“The Clean 5 offers a dedicated yet achievable program that’s been a great motivation and has made it easy to improve my health and fitness.” – Reece Twyford (actual client)

“Unlike every other plan out there, The Clean 5 wasn’t started by millionaires looking sell you something. They are two average guys, that have cut the bullshit and focused on the basics.” – Huw Roberts (actual client)


Sign up to The Clean 5 below, for just $5 per week! No lock-in contracts. 

OR get 1 year for just $65