Local PT Shocks Clientelle with Generic Infographic on Alcohol Calories

One prominent local personal trainer Jenny, has today announced on her Facebook & Instagram pages that there is a surprising amount of calories in alcoholic beverages, citing an overused, terrible resolution infographic.

One of her top clients George commented: “I just had no idea that a sugar-filled cocktail had more calories in it than a G&T. This explains a lot tbh, I’ll be watching out for this now”.

It has been confirmed that one Espresso Martini is nearly as bad for your health as downing 10 vodka Red Bulls, Jenny told us based on anecdotal research she had done. Just one cocktail is equal to approximately 10 shots of straight vodka in terms of calories. This revelation is truly shocking for many of Jenny’s clients, “they don’t quite like straight alcohol tbh, but I’ve told them to get plastered on straight, rather than enjoy cocktails with sugar”.

The local personal trainer has been making a real effort as of late to bust myths, and tell ‘hard truths’ to their client base. This seems to have mostly come in the form of copy & paste Google search results that support her claims thus far, although we’re confident there will be more shocking content to come.