Back to Basics – Part 1

Back to Basics – Part 1

Welcome to The Clean 5. Our first 3-week training block is all about the fundamentals. There is aspects of strength, hypertrophy and aerobic training involved. On the nutrition side of things we have included some tasty, yet nutrient rich meals that will keep you fuelled and help you recover throughout the process. On top of your two main meals, we want you to select 1 breakfast (optional) and 1-3 snacks from the snack board to have throughout the day. The idea is to always be satisfied with your food intake, without going over the top and never starving yourself.

The Clean 5 has been painstakingly crafted for over 12 months. The project aims to make living a healthy lifestyle incredibly easy. We want your food to be cost effective (less than $4 per meal) and easy to make (under 30 mins for 5 meals) and we want our community to train effectively.

Most importantly, we want to show you that health and fun can occur at the same time. Enjoy your weekends and live your life!

Your Meals


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Training Days

Try and hit all 5 of the sessions!

Swipe to view plan 👉

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How to read the program?

  1. Sessions 1-5 should be completed in order across the week.
  2. In column 2, “2A, 2B” represents a superset. A superset involves you completing exercise “A” immediately followed by exercise “B”.
  3. In the “Sets” column, the 3 numbers represent the sets assigned to week 1,2 and 3. In most cases the amount of sets will increase across the training block.
  4. In the “Reps” column, (e/l) stands for ‘each leg’, (e/a) for ‘each arm’.
  5. Tempo is specific to the exercise but the 3 numbers represent the seconds assigned to the ‘up’, ‘pause’ and ‘down’ stages of the exercise. The pause will always be at the highest tension point of the exercise.

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