Back to Basics – Part 2

Back to Basics – Part 2

Welcome to week 2 of back to basics!

This week we up the volume a little bit with our training. A few more sets each day should test you out a little bit, but thats what we’re here for. Good things come with hard work.

For our nutrition we are going with a beautiful noodle stir fry for lunch and a little bit of Mexican for dinner. We have also updated the snack and breakfast board with exact measurements for each meal. Be sure to check it out!

On top of your two main meals, we want you to select 1 breakfast (optional) and 1-3 snacks from the snack board to have throughout the day. The idea is to always be satisfied with your food intake, without going over the top and never starving yourself.

Get prepared and lets hit the week.

Your Meals


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Training Days

Try and hit all 5 of the sessions!

Swipe to view plan 👉

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How to read the program?

  1. Sessions 1-5 should be completed in order across the week.
  2. In column 2, “2A, 2B” represents a superset. A superset involves you completing exercise “A” immediately followed by exercise “B”.
  3. In the “Sets” column, the 3 numbers represent the sets assigned to week 1,2 and 3. In most cases the amount of sets will increase across the training block.
  4. In the “Reps” column, (e/l) stands for ‘each leg’, (e/a) for ‘each arm’.
  5. Tempo is specific to the exercise but the 3 numbers represent the seconds assigned to the ‘up’, ‘pause’ and ‘down’ stages of the exercise. The pause will always be at the highest tension point of the exercise.

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