“Cardio Is for Fools” Says Well Educated Florida Man

December 20th.

Recently we surveyed the local weight area in Florida USA on their attitudes towards cardiovascular training. It’s fair to say that the response was overwhelmingly one-sided. The response we received from one Florida man was particularly concerning, although not really surprising.

“HAHAHA” said big Aaron, a Florida local man.

“I wouldn’t even look at a treadmill” he said, flexing his pecs.

After catching his breath following a 5 rep deadlift set, Jason found enough oxygen to add his thoughts. “Mate, why would I do cardio? Don’t you think I get enough of that at home” followed by a surprisingly awkward chuckle.

Dave, Jason’s training partner was quick to shut this statement down “Jase you haven’t thrusted anything other than a bar in 5 years”.

Which brought the whole area into hysterics.  “Nah but seriously, anything over 6 reps is pretty much classed as cardio. Anything over 12 reps is eating into my gains. What would be the point of training?” Dave adds.

“The only sort of running we go here in Florida is away from the Gators, that shit is life and death really”.

Dave produces a very valid point. There is clear evidence that suggests we can only train for one physical trait at any point in time. I mean, look at crossfit, martial arts and rugby, they’re all skinny little dweebs that couldn’t curl the 10’s.