Local PT Disproves Everything Previously Known About Calories

Local PT Disproves Everything Previously Known About Calories

Recently we interviewed local PT Stephen for a couple of pointers on how he manages to stay in amazing shape year round.

“Calories are fake news” he says. “All that matters is following a sugar-free, gluten free, dairy free, organic, plant-based diet”.

“There’s nothing else to it really, just follow these few simple rules and you’ll never put on weight.”

We asked Stephen if he had any data to support his claims that eliminating such food groups was important to weight maintenance.

“Mate, take a fucking look at me”

“I am the product of THE perfect diet”.

Whilst the laws of thermodynamics clearly prove the importance of calorie intake on changes in body mass, Stephen still believes the absence of “nasty metabolites” will negate any chance of putting on weight.

“It’s all about the healthy fats, you know. Avocados and peanut oil are bulletproofing my stomach against calories. It’s the nasty sugar that has been holding people back for years.” He insists.

Once questioned on his obvious large intake of designer steroid hormones and the possibility this may skew his results, Stephen was unavailable to comment.

We will be back with more from Stephen.

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