Sloppy Supp Shop Guy ‘Swears Buy’ This New Max Shredd Fat Burner Thing

Sloppy Supp Shop Guy ‘Swears Buy’ This New Max Shredd Fat Burner Thing

Recently we walked into a local sports supplement shop, with the aim of having a simple browse at the products available. It’s been well established in the fitness industry for some time that supplements are responsible for the bulk of any beginners results, hence our visit.

“G’day m8, names Jase need any help?” asked the bloke with the surprisingly sloppy rig behind the counter. “Nar all good thanks mate, just having a look”. Under the assumption that we could continue to browse the store unimpeded, we moved into another aisle. “What protein you taking? this new fat burner protein has got some people shredded fast bro. It’s basically like doing 1 hour of cardio per day without any of the work”.

We thought this sounded good, he explained that we didn’t really need to do any cardio because the $149 supplement that contained 7 days worth of servings would essentially burn all of our fat for us. We only had to occasionally go to the gym, without having to sacrifice any of our terrible lifestyle choices.

Impressed with the genuinely knowledgable supplement shop assistant with an underwhelming physique, that definitely had our best interests in mind, we walked out of the shop having purchased $300 in reasonably priced supplements.

These supplements, in addition to our 2 times per week, 25-minute workout routine will surely get us shredded in no time at all.

More to come.

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