True Blue Aussie Work – Part 1

True Blue Aussie Work – Part 1

To celebrate Australia Day and the great country that we live in, it’s time to put in some hard yakka.

We’ve gone ahead and made beautiful turkey mash and chicken ravioli meals. After enjoying a bbq or two over the weekend it’s important that we don’t use the public holiday as an excuse to slip from routine. Make sure your Monday meals are ready and waiting for you!
There may be a couple of new exercises in the training plan that you haven’t seen before. But if you click into the plan and onto an exercise, you will find a lengthy description.

Play hard this weekend, then its straight back to work.

As always, let’s be the hardest workers in the room.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time via our Facebook or Instagram pages, we are very responsive and would love to offer any assistance.

On top of your two main meals, we want you to select 1 breakfast (optional) and 1-3 snacks from the snack board to have throughout the day. The idea is to always be satisfied with your food intake, without going over the top and never starving yourself.

Get prepared and lets hit the week.

Your Meals


Summer time smoothie (see snack & breaky board).


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1 Yopro tub, 2 apples, 1 protein shake, 40g of mixed nuts.

Training Days

Try and hit all 5 of the sessions!

Swipe to view planΒ πŸ‘‰

11Block bench press (4 inch)4,4,561112
2Military press3,4,482
3Incline dumbbell press3,3,4151.5
4AFull range cable front raise3,3,4151.5
4BUpright row3,4,415-
5Rope pull-down3,4,4201
6Tricep push up2,3,3max-1
21Bike110 minutesmedium-
2Run2,3,4800mfor time1.5
4BRussian twist1,2,3330:15-
2Power row3,4,462
3Cable pull apart3,3,4151
4Single arm cable row3,3,420 (e/a)1
5Incline curl3,3,420 (e/a)1
6AEZ curl3,3,4101131
6BWeighted crunch420-
41Box squat3,4,561112
2Static lunge3,4,48 (e/l)1.5
4ASingle leg deadlift3,3,48 (e/l)1.5
4BBW donkey calf raise3,3,4max-
51Neutral grip pull up3,4,582
2Bench press3,4,462
3ABarbell row3,3,4151.5
3BWide-hand push up3,3,420-
4ADumbbell farmers carry3,3,445sec1
4BEZ front raise3,3,412-
5AEZ curl3,4,4301
5BV-bar push down3,4,412-

How to read the program?

  1. Sessions 1-5 should be completed in order across the week.
  2. In column 2, β€œ2A, 2B” represents a superset. A superset involves you completing exercise β€œA” immediately followed by exercise β€œB”.
  3. In the β€œSets” column, the 3 numbers represent the sets assigned to week 1,2 and 3. In most cases the amount of sets will increase across the training block.
  4. In the β€œReps” column, (e/l) stands for β€˜each leg’, (e/a) for β€˜each arm’.
  5. Tempo is specific to the exercise but the 3 numbers represent the seconds assigned to the β€˜up’, β€˜pause’ and β€˜down’ stages of the exercise. The pause will always be at the highest tension point of the exercise.
  6. You can also tap on the name of exercises to view more information and see an example of how they are performed.

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