In-gym Male 15th of July to 5th of August

We’re now doing things a little bit differently. The ‘plans’ section will have a new 3-week training plan uploaded every 3 weeks for each plan type. 2 recipes will be uploaded each week just as before, these will be uploaded as a ‘nutrition plan’.

Try and hit all 5 of the sessions!

Tap on the exercise name to see an illustration and description! You can also log your weight, sets and reps by tapping on the green + that appears in the bottom right after tapping on an exercise.

Scroll to the very bottom of this page for detailed instructions.

1Incline press3,4,462111.5
2AAlternating shoulder press3,3,48 (e/a)-
2BIncline dumbbell row3,3,4410 sec hold1
3Chest dip3,4,4101.5
4APlate raise3,3,4151*
4BScott press3,3,415-
5Skull crusher3,4,4151
2Leg press3,4,4151.5
3SL hamstring curl (machine)3,4,48 (e/l)1
4B1/4 squat3,3,420slow1
5Calf raise3,3,410slow1
1Pull upAMRAP 45 minMAX-1
2Walking lunge-30m--
3V-up-30 sec--
5Burpee-30 sec--
1Bench press3,4,442112
2ADumbbell press3,4,48221-
2BChin up3,4,4max1
3AFarmers carry3,3,460m-
3BIncline fly3,3,412-1
4Diamond push up3,3,4121
5Overhead cable extension3,4,4101
1Box squat3,4,442112
2Reverse lunge3,4,410 (e/l)1
3Barbell hip thrust3,3,48-
4BSuperman3,3,430 sec122-
5Hammer curl3,4,412-1
6EZ curl3,4,421's-1

How to read the program?

  1. Sessions 1-5 should be completed in order across the week.
  2. In column 2, “2A, 2B” represents a superset. A superset involves you completing exercise “A” immediately followed by exercise “B”.
  3. In the “Sets” column, the 3 numbers represent the sets assigned to week 1,2 and 3. In most cases the amount of sets will increase across the training block.
  4. In the “Reps” column, (e/l) stands for ‘each leg’, (e/a) for ‘each arm’.
  5. Tempo is specific to the exercise but the 3 numbers represent the seconds assigned to the ‘up’, ‘pause’ and ‘down’ stages of the exercise. The pause will always be at the highest tension point of the exercise.
  6. You can also tap on the name of exercises to view more information and see an example of how they are performed.
  7. ‘W’ at the top of the plan means warm up.