Burn Fat and Build Muscle with At-Home Meal Preparation

A number of proven, reputable dietitians and physical fitness professionals have said something to the effect of, “Six packs begin in the kitchen.” This idea is most certainly true, but at The Clean 5, we take things a step further; we believe that proper meal preparation can allow anyone to lose fat, build muscle, and be as happy and as healthy as possible. The physical and mental benefits of careful preparation aren’t limited to the abdomen; they impact each and every part of the body.

For those who believe our emphasis on healthy home cooking is misguided or overstated—the following information should make clear why and how more muscle is built and more fat is burned when meals are prepared by the individual.

Let’s take a look!

Fewer Calories, More Control

Even the most popular restaurants in the world leave fitness-conscientious diners with some doubt. Whenever someone eats out at a restaurant, their food’s preparation is a relative mystery; a rough calculation of the included calories and nutrients can be made, but the specifics are impossible to pinpoint. And specificity is a must if a diet is to be successful.

At-home meal preparation allows for complete and total control of the cooking process. The precise nutritional properties of any dish can be determined in seconds, and much of the guesswork will be taken out of the dieting and exercise processes. With time, this precision will help fitness enthusiasts to lose fat, build muscle, and feel their best.

Enhanced Energy Levels

Restaurant-provided meals usually taste great, and that’s because the chefs’ main focus is flavor—not healthiness. As the recipes featured here at The Clean 5 demonstrate, healthy and nutritionally beneficial food can also taste great, but it’s up to the cooker to make this so.

And when more protein, good carbs, vitamins, and nutrients are consumed through at-home meals, one’s energy level will increase dramatically. With this enhanced energy, day-to-day tasks can be more easily completed and workouts can be rendered much more efficient. By utilizing this newfound energy to lift heavier weights and engage in more strenuous cardio routines, fat will be burned and muscle will be gained.

Reduced Chance of “Going Off the Rails”

Those who eat out frequently are much more likely to “go off the rails”—that is, to consume a large quantity of less-than-healthy food. After a balanced meal of grilled chicken breast and vegetables, the call of the dessert menu often proves to be too much; appetizers and beverages are similarly enticing. To be clear, these temptations can prove disastrous to even the most carefully maintained of diets.

Meal preparation allows one to bypass these temptations, enjoy healthy foods, and feel excellent. The financial benefits of cooking at home are also sure to impress!

Hopefully, this information demonstrated exactly why we so highly recommend meal prep for weight loss and muscle gain. Thanks for reading, and remember to visit The Clean 5 for the latest and greatest dieting tips, training plans, and delicious recipes!