Should I use a Fitness App?

Should I use a Fitness App?

You can use them anywhere, anytime, but do they really work?

Can a fitness app really help you get great results?

There are thousands of different apps out there, not just for fitness, but for just about anything. 

Need to measure the size of a room? There’s an app for that. Need to see how you will look in 50 years? There’s an app for that. Need the Anytime Fitness app to track how many times you’ve visited the gym? There’s an app for that.

We’ve become so accustomed to just using an app for something, that we may be losing substance in our search for helpful information.

This might sound extremely ironic, coming from a company that literally sells content in an app, but it’s important to take a step back and look at how effective an app can be when it comes to changing your lifestyle.

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The answer

It’s fairly simple, an app is just a tool. Like any tool, it needs to be used properly, to actually help you get better results than you otherwise would have without it.

Think of it this way, you could put together a flat pack TV unit with just a screwdriver, which would be horribly inefficient (but might burn some calories). To make this easier, you could purchase a cordless drill. 

Now if you place the cordless drill next to the flatpack TV unit, what happens? Nothing at all. If you take the time to use the drill properly, without expecting it to literally build the TV unit for you, it’s likely you’ll achieve some great results.

It’s the same concept

Whilst building flat-pack furniture and using a fitness app are entirely different things, the concept is the same. You can’t expect to get results just because you’re using a fitness app. You must understand that any app is a tool, a guide that helps you throughout your journey, and can even help you stay motivated. 

If you stick to the plan a fitness app is presenting you with it’s very likely you’ll get great results! This takes motivation, devotion and perseverance on your part. But a fitness app can help you to gain structure and direction in your nutrition and training endeavours.

Which fitness app do I choose?

That’s a great question! And there’s no simple answer to that either. There are lots of talented people out there, putting together great content that can help you along your fitness journey. There’s also a lot of rubbish content out there, designed to show you as many adverts as possible, in a short amount of time. Our business model is fairly simple, we provide you with the basics, 2 new meal prep recipes each week, a 5-day training plan each week, and all the features you need to track your progress within our app.

It doesn’t matter if you train at home, at a training studio, or at a 24-hour gym, like Anytime Fitness, we have a training and nutrition solution for you.

Is the calorie tracking in fitness apps accurate?

Most forms of calorie tracking is based on estimates. They are somewhat accurate, but everyone’s body behaves different when it comes to metabolism. 2 people could be physically incredibly similiar, the same weight, gender and age, but still have vastly different rates of metabolism.

Calorie tracking provided in fitness apps is still very useful as a guide, to make sure we aren’t overeating. We just need to keep in mind that the information we’re using is estimated!

Not all fitness apps are created equal.

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