Head to the ‘Planner’ tab to see what it’s all about. You can select a date on your calendar, then input meals and snacks until your daily calorie quota is full. This daily calorie quota is calculated in the ‘Calories’ tab.

It’s fairly simple, for each weekday, add meals and snacks, then select how many servings you would like to divide your ingredients into. More containers equal less calorie per container, whilst fewer containers equal more calories per container. Each recipe comes with a standard amount of servings, each time you cook you will typically produce at least 4 servings. The yellow number on the right-hand side of your meal once it’s been allocated to your day, indicates how many serves your batch was divided into.

View recipe instructions

If you wish to view the instructions to make a meal, simply tap on the meal that has already been added to your day. If you would like to browse past recipes, head to the ‘Recipes’ tab.

Copy and paste meals

Once you’ve filled the selected day with the right amount of calories, you can copy and paste it to fill out the rest of the week, or you can mix it up!

Adjust serving sizes of snacks

Once you’ve added something from the ‘snacks’ list to your day, you may want to adjust the serving size. For example, you may have selected 100g of almonds, but you only plan on actually consuming 10g. Simply tap on the food in the list, and move the slider within the area that appears. This will adjust the size of your serving.

Manually add foods

Sometimes, we might not have the exact food you are wanting to consume present in the database. If this occurs, just tap the ‘can’t find your food?’ button, within the add snacks area. You can then enter the name and nutritional information of your food manually, and it will be added to your day. You can adjust the serving size just as you can with any other food item.

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